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We are a team of expert recruiters and researchers in the marketing and advertising field dedicated to your growth; both for your business and your career.

 What We Do

Whether your company is growing or it’s time for your career to move forward, we are here to help you every step of the way. We specialize nationally in integrated and digital account management, media, strategy and creative positions in agencies as well as related advertising and marketing positions at client companies.

 For Companies

In order to best serve your company, we take pride in immersing ourselves in what makes your culture and vision unique. Once we understand what makes you tick, we represent your opportunities to the best talent in the industry – coast to coast and everywhere in between. We communicate regularly with talent to enhance your reputation and keep them informed of current opportunities. We are your advocates.

For Candidates

We want you to know what’s out there. Even if you’re currently not looking to make a move, it’s smart to stay smart. Let us help you. We want to know how you see your career evolving, what sort of environment you’re seeking, and what your strengths are. Keep in touch with us, and we will always keep your best interests in mind.

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Our goal is to find the best candidates that will flourish within your unique business culture. The more we know about you, the better prepared we are to serve your exact needs. We welcome as much information as possible; including, but not limited to, the requirements of the position(s) you’re looking to fill, whether or not relocation is an option and the style of your team and hiring managers. This briefing will save you time because we can carefully screen candidates and ensure we only send you people who truly match your needs.

We also can help your quest for top tier talent:
Upgrade current talent
Schedule informational interviews for future openings/acquaint you with who is out there
Build talent lists for potential new business wins
Fulfill your freelance needs
Conduct workshops on attracting and retaining top talent
Tailor services for other needs


If you aren’t already a Watts Group candidate, we invite you to form a partnership with us.

We can serve you best if you are transparent with us about where you’ve been, why you want to go where you’re going, your salary history and expectations, and your genuine interest in relocation. Remember, everything you tell us remains confidential.

Because we are so close with our clients, we are able to keep you in mind when their expectations for open positions meet your experience level. We will never send out your resume without your permission and most importantly, your honest interest in the position.

As recruiters, we coach you through the transition process; from the right time to start a search to the interview process to finalizing salary negotiations. In order to service you the best, it’s important for you to tell us where you’ve sent your resume independently and if you have another search firm representing you.

Communication is key to any successful partnership, so please check in with your recruiter before communicating directly with our clients. It is critical to keep your recruiter in the loop throughout the process in order to receive the best advice and counsel, as well as feedback, each step of the way.

Consulting Services

Our consulting-based services include many human resources functions that can aid you when your internal bandwidth is low. These services include:

  • Staff planning and organization
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Candidate research and reference checking
  • Resume screening
  • Outplacement

Retained Searches

    We recommend retained searches for upper-management and difficult-to-fill opportunities. A retainer provides the benefits of ongoing commitment to fill the position; in-depth targeted research of the market; and thorough identification and screening of candidates. It is how we ensure multiple sources aren’t reaching out to the same top-tier candidates on your behalf.

Contingency Searches

    These searches are best for junior to mid-level needs that are general in nature. We are most effective when working on an exclusive basis. Loyalty yields the best results.


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